I Got Pregnant With the Tyrant’s Child
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2020
Author Ryuran, SF_JD
Artist SF_JD
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I Got Pregnant With the Tyrant’s Child

I Gave Birth to the Tyrant's Child, Poggunui Aileul Gajyeossseubnida, 폭군의 아이를 가졌습니다

Synopsis I Got Pregnant With the Tyrant’s Child

For Elan the royal knight, the masquerade festival is a rare chance to let loose and relax. But her night of fun quickly turns into a morning of horror when she wakes up beside the ruthless Emperor Kylart.

Knowing how cruel he can be to clingy women, Elan makes a run for it, hoping he hasn't seen past her disguise. But as she continues her nerve-wracking duties of guarding the emperor, she starts experiencing troubling health symptoms. A trip to the doctor reveals that she's pregnant! To make matters worse, rumor has it that Kylart is looking for the mysterious woman he met on the night of …